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New Tickets Functionality

"Today we have released a new functionality for delivering, validating and tracking tickets & vouchers to be used at food fairs.

The generation and validation of such tickets uses all the security algorithms implemented in the PVS - the Validactor main tool - to ensure security and avoid any attempt of counterfeiting" said Dino Sergiano of Validactor at today's investor's conference call. " This typology of tickets is used as circulating money within exposition areas and we cannot afford any possible counterfeit. Our tools and algorithms will make sure that each single code is validated correctly." added Dino.

Validactor generated "Food Tickets" will hit the crowds on the upcoming event "BaccalàRe Street Event" held in Naples, Italy on May 18-22. Several hundreds of thousand of tickets will be sold and validated using the custom released POS App.

Come and visit BaccalèRe, you'll enjoy the friendly environment, the food and nice weather in one of the most beautiful city in the world.
Logo BaccalàRe

A market implementation

Here is how Carpisa - a world recognised and appreciated Italian Luggage maker - is implementing Validactor Lost&Found codes.

No more lost luggage, at least by buying Carpisa products

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-21 at 15.40.41WhatsApp Image 2017-04-21 at 15.40.36

Quick link to register

Do you want to Register to Validactor to generate your FREE Personal codes?

Here's the link 

Once registered you can access your personal profile by clicking the man shaped icon on the upper right side of the menu bar

Social Page with German Interface

"Today we have released the German interface of the social pages" said Mrs. Mariella Profeta, CEO of Validactor srl, " this is another big step towards full internationalisation of our innovative suite of marketing, anti-counterfeiting and products management" Mariella added.

This important update follows by one day the release to general public of the Personal Lost&Found functionality. Now it will be impossible not to retrieve any lost belongings. Log in the Social Pages and generate as many Personal VACodes as you need: they are totally FREE.


Personal Lost&Found released to public

The “Personal Lost and Found” functionality is ready, now everyone can generate personal Lost&Found personal codes for free in few simple steps.

You can generate as many codes as you want to protect your personal belongings. This function has to be performed on a normal computer not on a smartphone and is totally FREE for anyone.

Simply log-in (or Register) to the social portal (; if you are already registered to the Validactor App you can simply login using your App credentials. If not registered click on the body shaped icon on the right side of social pages menu bar.

Once logged-in generate as many personal VACodes as you need, for any item.

The mandatory fields are only Product name and 1 image.

Print the codes in any color and size, stick them on you belongings, on your smartphone, photo camera, purse, put one in your wallet, enrich them with texts explaining that if someone finds any of your marked item he has to scan it to get in touch with you. The limit to the imagination and personalisation is the sky.

What happens if you lose a marked item? The person who finds it, scans the code and you will immediately know where the item is and how to contact the retriever.

Pass this info to anyone you know, directly or on social media.


In Singapore to present Validactor at the Innovfest Unbound 2017

Validactor has been selected by ICE.IT to present its global anti-counterfeit solution at the Innovfest Unbound held in Singapore on May 3-4, 2017. "It is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue presenting our services and the related digital platform to international players" said Dino Sergiano Director of Operations at Validactor during today's weekly videoconference with Media and Investors, "Global markets are seeking for affordable, reliable and secure solutions to better distribute products. Our solution is ready to be implemented in any manufacturing process on-the-fly. Our key attention is towards small and medium sized companies, the ones that have been unable to benefit at a first hand by innovation and competitiveness" added Dino.

Validactor delivers a full suite of product management and traceability services, including anti-counterfeit security measures, brand protection, Big Data analysis, product's status flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques and "Made in" management solutions.

For more information, drop a mail to and check our corporate pages


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