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Did you know that Validactor is FREE?

Yes, True, Valid: Validactor is totally FREE up to 50.000 VACodes.

Any manufacturer of any product, located anywhere in the world is entitled to receive 50.000 (fifty-thousand) VACodes with no limitations in the data reporting, data analysis and services bound to the usage of the VACodes.

"We decided to set the price of 50.000 VACodes to zero, because we think that there are millions of companies that are not willing to pay for anti-counterfeit services, we bring easy yet powerful technology at their fingertips totally free" said Dino Sergiano, COO of Validactor srl at a recent press conference in Vienna, Austria. "Our battle is a worldwide battle against fakes and illicit trade. We have conceived and developed this technology having in mind 3 key factors: easiness of use and implementation, maximum security and social integration. This will allow total acceptance from manufacturers, retailers and distributors" Dino added.

Validactor is not only anti-counterfeit, it delivers many additional features such as product traceability, brand protection, bid data analysis, product's flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques, "Made in" management.

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The PVS (Product Validation system)
The PVS is the tool used by manufacturers to create templates, generate codes, view statistic reports and manage product related activities.
The main PVS screen is where templates are created by simply defining and filling up any customized field needed for any specific product.
Field definition in PVS is incredibly innovative and streamlined. You do not have anymore to stick to predefined fields – each with its own characteristics. In PVS you define a field simply assigning a label.
The document-based non relational Validactor database will do the rest. It will format each field according to the type of data it will handle.
Thanks to its maximum flexibility, Validactor is enabled to protect any kind of product regardless of its nature, size and - most important - quantity.
Generating codes is only a few clicks task, regardless your current position within the PVS.
The code generation screen displays the fields you previously defined when creating the product template plus one or two predefined fields, according to the product type (Perishable, NON Perishable or Service).
All products type display the manufacturing date field in the product templates.
Perishable products and Services display ALWAYS an Expiration date mandatory field. Once the codes have been generated this field cannot be modified.
This field can be differently labeled according to local legislations and product types (i.e. Expiration date, Best before, Sell by, Use by).
The non-modifiability of the expiration date field will assure final customers that the natural life of a perishable product has not been extended.

These are only few notes on the PVS: request your introductory pack. Check our support email on

New functionalities in the Social Pages

We have been adding a number of new functionalities to our anti counterfeit algorithms and to the tracking features. Also the social pages have gotten a restyling. Any listed product now shows the Made in Logo. "Made in" flagging is important for those product which have a strong identity. "At Validactor we strongly support any kind of brand and product protection", said Dino Sergiano at a press conference in Milan, Italy, "cultural identity is an important part of the product itself" he added.

Validactor provides anti counterfeit solutions, product interactive tracking and a series of tools to promote and market any typology of products. It is becoming the choice of countless manufacturers, ranging from very small to medium sized to multinational enterprises

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