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Today at a press conference held in Milan, Italy, Mr. Dino Sergiano presented the upcoming high performance, scalable platform for the Internet-of-Things.

" I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of our powerful scalable platform for Internet-of-things. We felt the necessity of giving to our highly rewarded PVS (Product Validation System) platform its natural complement. We did not stand for a simple, basic Internet of things platform; following the success and the features of the PVS we headed towards the best and finally in few weeks we will release to the market one of the most advanced IoT platform" said Dino Sergiano today at the monthly press conference in Milan, Italy.

"Our platform will connect and manage any kind of device, will provide sensor data management and analytics along with the possibility to develop native specific applications. This is the biggest technical announcement at Validactor since the release of our award winning PVS platform. Our existing customers, and the new ones will have the possibility to manage their data in a totally innovative way, with no limitations and - most important - the majority of them will be able to do it internally without the necessity of outsourcing sensible information at high costs" added Mr. Sergiano.

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Validactor “Protects, Profiles & Tracks”.

Based on a secure serialization technology, Validactor protects products and brands, fights any form of counterfeiting and profiles customers’ spending habits.
An innovative close-to-the-customer loyalty program promotes a series of activities and incentivises focusing to build brand loyalty.
The Validactor’s offering includes advanced customer services, a sales portal and Big Data related activities. Many other features are also integrated, such as a flexible and customizable database, the unique “Lost&Found” function, a Recall Management tool, Product Statuses and Diversions.

The Validactor’s solutions are fully customizable to be used in any vertical market, regardless of the products’ type. No special hardware or costly training sessions are needed. Validactor tools can be quickly mastered so that companies can start protecting their products in a very short timeframe.

Validactor’s collected data can be used for a wide range of marketing and sales activities, including specifically targeted interactive videos based on real data.

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