Products Recalls: What's happening?

Products recalls, especially when food or drugs are involved can be a real problem for the entire chain: manufacturers, distributors, retailers and mainly final customers. In these days in Italy - but we are sure that the same in happening worldwide - a number of important recalls are reported in the main newspapers

but what happens if someone is not reached by these news? and what about all the *minor* (in terms of quantity or brand visibility) product recalls that are listed only in some governmental website?

We at Validactor have the final solution: by serializing any product unit, if a product has to be recalled we will be able to inform final customers before they buy that product and of course we are also able to reach the purchasers of the recalled products.

It is so easy, it is so powerful. Validactor is now launching worldwide, as a manufacturer put yor company on the safe side, do not be hostage of products recalls.

We are here to help, drop us a note

and give a try to a demo-test recalled product by scanning the QRCode with any scanner or with one of our Android or iOS apps.


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