Luxury products at risk? Not at all!

Luxury items may cost a fortune, this is a fact.
Luxury items are among the most counterfeit products regardless of its make, shape and price. Manufacturing companies struggle to fight fakers and over the decades have been implementing different technologies to prove that the items they manufacture and sell are original. Some of these technologies survived for the blink of an eye, some others lasted a little longer but all showed the inner limits they were carrying along.

Buying an original item is important for both the manufacturers and for the final customers for may reasons: fake items are generally made with low quality components, they can be dangerous since they could have been made using dangerous or poisonous parts, normally the fake products are made in developing countries using near-to-slavery workers and the list can go on and on.
So, how can we protect the original product? It is extremely simple. Serialising them. What does serialising mean? Serialising means that each unit will carry an unique identifier that can be queried by anyone. Like each car is uniquely identified by the registration plate, each item is clearly and uniquely identified by the Validactor code.
There is no need to use any special technology, or ink or taggant. The Validactor codes can be printed in any shape, color and size, it can also be printed on clothes, metal or plastic.

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Validactor is a fast growing company, fully devoted to combat the counterfeit businesses, the fakes markets and any kind of adulteration potentially causing a threat to customers. We fight this battle empowering both manufacturers and final customers with a full set of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools. Any kind of smartphone is the most powerful weapon to win this battle.
Along with anti-counterfeit features, Validactor offer a full set of services aimed at strengthen customer-manufacturer relations

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