Food & Pharma originality checked on the fly

"We think that technology must always be on the side of the ones in danger. This is why at Validactor, we have decided to fully support and sponsor the Food and Pharma manufacturing companies in emerging countries. In fact in such areas the percentage of fake medicines along with food adulteration is not anymore tolerable. We have decided to offer our anti-counterfeit technology to any eligible company" said today Dino Sergiano, one of the company's founders, to an investor's meeting in Vienna, Austria.
" It is not anymore tolerable that people dies because of fake medicines, fake diapers containing glycol or food adulterated with unimaginable substances, just to list few cases" added Mr. Sergiano "Several millions of protecting codes are here for those companies. Customers will be able to assess the quality and the originality of the products they buy with a quick click on their smartphones".


Validactor is a fast growing company, fully devoted to combat the counterfeit businesses, the fakes markets and any kind of adulteration potentially causing a threat to customers. We fight this battle empowering both manufacturers and final customers with a full set of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools. Any kind of smartphone is the most powerful weapon to win this battle.

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