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Product Recalls: an avoided nightmare

When a product's safety comes into question, time is everything – particularly in the age of social media. Decisions need to be made quickly, but ill-judged ones can add cost and damage a company’s reputation.
In the past, product recalls were relatively straightforward and would usually have passed unnoticed by the public. Today, recalls are much more complex and the stakes higher – both in terms of the potential impact to a company’s profits and reputation.
Product recall exposures have increased substantially over the past decade, shaped by tougher consumer regulation, the rise of social media and the increasing complexity of supply chains, according to Christof Bentele, Head of Global Crisis Management at AGCS. The regulatory environment, in particular, has changed dramatically over this period, Bentele tells Global Risk Dialogue. “Many countries – including the US, China, Australia and those in Europe – have implemented much stricter product safety laws. At the same time authorities are now far more proactive when it comes to product safety,” he says.
Recall exposures have also grown with the rise of large multi-national corporations and the development of complex supply chains in sectors ranging from food to automotive to electronics.
“Fifteen years ago the ingredients for a burger purchased in a fast food restaurant would have mostly been sourced locally,” says Bentele. Now the spice may come from China, the gherkin from the US and the tomatoes from Spain, while the meat could be from multiple sources".

At Validactor we are facing recall management in the most efficient possible way. Since we do serialize each product unit we can issue product’s recalls both on a single and on a batch level. The entire process is only few clicks long.

If the recalled products are still unsold either on store shelves or at distributor facilities the recalled products became unsellable and this is verified by simply scanning the relevant VACode. In the case of products that have been already sold, an immediate notification is automatically sent to the purchasers of each sold item.

We have managed to implement different levels of recalls as shown in the image below:

“ At Validactor we are making difficult things easy.” said Maria Profeta, Validactor CEO and Managing Director “we are simplifying tasks that were difficult to implement and we are granting access to any manufacturing company, regardless of its size. Today using Validactor any company can easily protect its production from counterfeits, correctly profile its customers, manage and track any product status such as expired, recalled, seized, prototype, sample, etc, can also manage product warranties and lost and found with few simple clicks” Mariella added.
Ask us how to implement Validactor within your organization, it is simpler than you can ever imagine.
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Anyone talking about fake news: We may have a solution.

Anyone nowadays is talking about fake news. They are everywhere, from Facebook to Twitter, to any social media regardless of it's visibility and number or registered users. Anyone with a simple registration becomes a full member of any social network entitled to post any kind of information that nobody checks for its sources.

How we can check, from our reader's perspective if a news is fake or not? We cannot, however Validactor has a simple to use, free and ready solution. Include in any news the writer's personal VACode. What is a VACode? Vacodes are QRCode links that readers can scan and verify the source of news.

Simple as A B C.

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Jewels and Diamonds: What Else?

Validactor, due to its total flexibility has been chosen to identify, describe and protect Jewels and Diamonds. Now, using Validactor, diamond traders and goldsmiths will be able to store any item characteristics into a secure database. Customers can access stored data and once purchased, the item's property and warranty (and of course any other data involved) will be transferred to the purchaser. All data is securely and safely store.

Items characteristics, any of them, will be sent and shown securely to the prospect customers.

inbox us for more info.

Car Counterfeit Parts: a threat to life

Sometimes it seems that buying cheaper car spare parts is convenient. No, it is not; there are real possibilities that "those" cheap replacement parts are fake, made with untested materials, using low technology. This is extremely dangerous: do not buy fake car spare parts. Always ask for Validactor protected and secure car parts. Do not risk your life and the one of your loved ones for few cents.

Enjoy your car, motorcycle, bike, van in total security. Treat your vehicle the way you want it to treat you.

Fake Cosmetics and Beauty products are really dangerous

Beauty products and Cosmetics are one of the main target for unscrupulous counterfeiters mainly because of the retail prices of such products that can be very high. People get fooled by competitive prices as they are always looking for bargain prices but the fraud is always behind the door. U.K consumers alone spend more than £ 90 million every year on counterfeited beauty products without knowing that fake perfumes are made with cyanide and human urine, cosmetics contain arsenic, mercury and lead. Is the bargain worth the risk?

Take a look at the image below and think about the risks.


Pretend Validactor protected products: for your security, for your health.

The most counterfeited brands

Here they are. Any surprise?


More than 25% of Facebook Ads promote fake products

New research completed by two cyber-security experts found that about a quarter of the fashion and luxury ads examined on Facebook are for counterfeit items such as Ray Ban sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bags, and Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

At first glance, the ads look legitimate and lead to websites that have an identical look and feel as the real ones, potentially tricking Facebook users into believing they're buying real luxury products. There's no expense spared in duping consumers- these bogus sites even include fake security seals, typically issued by Norton or McAfee, to sway consumers into believing that the check-out process is secure and safe.

Many of these sites are registered in China and their owners are linked to Chinese email addresses. Google removed more than 220 million "bad ads" from their network in 2012 and 350 million in 2013.

Tamper proof documents made easy

Validactor is also used to make any document tamper-proof and verifiable. Every day organisations and institutions generate and issue millions of documents that can be easily tampered. Validactor can secure any document that require secure certification:
- Pay-slips / Pay stubs: These are often submitted as part of loan applications to third parties
- Appointment Letters: Issued to a new employee at the point of joining
- Experience Letters: Issued to leaving employees

Banks and brokerage companies issue account statements for their clients. These statements are used for address proof, net worth and proof of financial standing etc. It is important for the third party that is examining the statement to be satisfied about its authenticity. Usually there is no problem in confirming the information between the issuer and the customer since each side has access to database or to the account through network login. However the third party doesn’t have this access and therefore wants the bank to “attest” or “authenticate” the information.This requires time and effort. Our technology allows the information in the statement to be sealed and digitally signed by the authorized signatory of the issuer. This can then be verified using our Validactor app.

Validactor is also suitable for the following kind of documents:
- Account Statements, Certificates and Transaction Advice: to avoid tampering or fake creation of such documents.
- Payment Systems: With the increasing use of electronic payment mechanisms, there is a need to verify the credentials of the payment receiving party along with the transaction details so that the money can be credited into the correct account. As such our technology offers a way to verify the meta information of billing organizations giving the payer the comfort that the instructions to move the money will be correctly executed. The meta information is presented to the payer in the form of a QR code which once scanned, can help to confirm the credentials instantly after which the instructions for funds transfer can be given. This works seamlessly in the cashless, paperless and present-less world of digital money.

Using Validactor can help drastically curb statement fraud and improve processing workflows. Further you can improve fulfilment chain integrity incase you use outside providers for document production. Our platform is designed for easy integration and cost effective for automated production of such documents.

And also Degree and Diploma Certificates, Semester Transcripts, Government issued certificates, Licenses and Permits, Passports, Driving Licenses, Receipts, Prescriptions, Insurance certificates and any legal or notarized documents.

Validactor solutions are ready to deploy, there is no need to buy external devices from third party suppliers. All the securing work is demanded to our backend. You, as a manufacturer sit back and relax. We take care of protecting your brand and products.

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The Free Plans Program is back

"We have just re-launched the Free Plans Program. With this program we allow selected companies to benefit from the full range of Validactor innovative features up to 10.000 codes. We think that small companies are the seeds of the future markets and we want to do our part in helping them grow" said Mrs. Dorothea Bousek Head of Communications for the North Europe Area, "this Program is not limited to a particular geographic area, or to few market targets or company size: any company may apply" continued Dorothea "and we have not yet defined the ending date, so hurry up".

Applications can be made here

Validactor to participate at the London unbound.innovfest 2017


Validactor will be participating to the 2017 London based unbound.innovfest held on July 19 and 20 2017 at The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane, London

Save the date! Join us in London

We do not use RFIDs

"Nowadays, anyone is searching for the "Holy Grail" to fight counterfeits. In our view there is no Holy Grail: only deploying a large number of tools and countermeasures manufacturers may increase the possibility to win this battle. RFIDs are expensive and not directly available to manufacturers, they should be ordered. Moreover they bring a real limitation, IOS devices cannot read them. We are sure that making an effective and solid use of proper databases and specific algorithms accessed via QRCodes, is still the best and most efficient mean" said Maria Profeta at shareholder conference in Vienna, Austria "our full set of proprietary algorithms is constantly checking, verifying and validating scan data vs stored product data on a single item level. Validactor identifies and controls single product across the entire life span" Maria added.

Validactor solutions are ready to deploy, there is no need to buy external devices from third party suppliers. All the securing work is demanded to our backend. You, as a manufacturer sit back and relax. We take care of protecting your brand and products.

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English PVS Manual released

Today we released the updated version of the PVS Manual in English. it can be accessed via our Documentation page along with all the other online docs or directly at the address.

Validactor delivers a full suite of product management and traceability services, including anti-counterfeit security measures, brand protection, Big Data analysis, product's status flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques and "Made in" management.

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At Validactor we KISS

Yes true, we KISS! Our philosophy is to make things easy: Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) is our main goal. Fight fakes with the power of simplicity. You produce the goods, we protect them, you sit back and relax. Fakes, wrong distribution, recalls, Lost&Found, Warranty management and customer fidelisation and profiling are now at arms length for anyone.

Validactor is the perfect companion for manufacturing companies willing to secure their productions and grow by better serving its customer base.

New Website Launched

Today we have launched our new corporate website and blog.

They are accessible via the following addresses:

Let us know what you think

The domain is now pointing exclusively to the product's social pages

Online Orders made easy

"At Validactor we have always in mind micro and mini businesses, we want to help them make the big leap toward success and this is the main reason why we constantly develop and mplement functionalities that offer big-brands characteristics and functionalities to the smallest components of the world markets" said Dino Sergiano at today's shareholder meetings in Florence (Italy), " Today we released an online ordering system for those companies which do not have a proprietary online ordering system and that are willing to diversificate from being part of the big selling sites that dissolve the vast part of their profits" Dino added.

"Protecting big corporations productions is one of our key mission, at the same time we focus on the smallest enterprises, family business, local startups and temporary productions as all need to share the same efficient and secure technology" noted Maria Profeta, Validactor's CEO.

Validactor delivers a full suite of product management and traceability services, including anti-counterfeit security measures, brand protection, Big Data analysis, product's status flagging, social networking, sales front-store, advanced marketing techniques and "Made in" management solutions.

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Launching WorldWide


"Today we officially launch Validactor worldwide. After an initial period of extensive hands-on testing in Europe we are pleased to announce the launch of the platform for any manufacturing company worldwide" announced today in Florence (Italy) Mr. Dino Sergiano founder and head of development at prospect investors meeting held in the beautiful Italian renaissance city.

"We are ready to fight any form of counterfeiting regardless of its market, geography and size. Fake products of any kind are a threat to people's health and a big problem for world economy. Validactor combines the easiness of implementation to the power of its proprietary algorithms to combat this battle. The biggest innovation we are implementing" continued Dino, " is the empowering of the biggest army in the world: The customers, each one provided with the smartphone maybe today the biggest weapon available to anyone".

"In addition to anti-counterfeit Validactor provides a number of related services such as customer profiling, fidelization services, Lost&Found, Geolocation, Warranty management, Recalls, Stolen products, Sales portals and a soon-to-be-released chatting system" added Mariella Profeta, CEO of the company "furthermore, we offer the possibility to selected requesting companies to benefit from totally free packages of 10,000 protecting codes, for ever. This will allow the smallest companies which cannot today afford even the smallest investment to protect their productions and stay closer to its customers" Mariella Added.

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Impossible to duplicate: True!

Validactor is full of innovative technology and solutions: Validactor is easy to use, easy to implement, easy to deploy and… impossible to clone.

Yes, it is True. Validactor's VACodes can be freely copied by anyone, but is it worth? Will an illegally copied production VACode turn itself into a time bomb ready to explode in the pockets of the counterfeiters?

We challenge the world of counterfeiters. Hurry up, pick up the challenge!

Validactor is the most innovative digital anti-counterfeit solution bundled with a long list of marketing tools any manufacturer will simply love to have.

We are Validactor, we proudly fight fakes and we live here!

Open doors to SouthEast Asia.... and China

Validactor officially launched into SouthEast Asia at the Singapore Innovfest Unbound 2017. This is the most important innovations display for the entire Asian market.
innovfest unbound is the anchor event of Smart Nation Innovations, a week-long series of events that showcase Asia’s most innovative developments. We will see over 8,000 entrepreneurs, brands, corporates, investors and tech start-ups meet and share new ideas, build partnerships and celebrate digital disruption.
"The Validactor booth inside the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) was one of the most visited due to its innovative and secure approach to a worldwide plague: Fake products" said Dino Sergiano - head of innovations at Validactor "We bring powerful and secure tools to any participating company willing to protect their goods in a costly effective environment" Dino added.

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