The Holiday Season is Approaching and.....

…. and the counterfeiters are on the rise.

This is the period of the year when fakers and counterfeiters are highly active.
As shoppers swarm stores and shop online for the best deals and the holiday shopping season officially kicks off this weekend, retailers and brands are looking to post their highest sales volumes of the year.
But it is also a peak time for sales of counterfeit goods, which is a $600 billion global market, according to the World Trademark Review. And according to law enforcement officials and brand protection firms, designer handbags and watches are some of the most counterfeited goods offered in the market.
While watches and handbags are considered the most counterfeited items, intellectual property thieves will counterfeit any product that can be sold or marketed. Some of those trends include counterfeit drugs, medical equipment, aircraft and automobile parts, computer hardware, military components, and electrical safety devices. Food and Drinks are also highly counterfeited.

"Buyer Beware!" Look out for "Validactor enabled" products worldwide. Shop safely, check the items you are buying

Validactor is a fast growing company, fully devoted to combat the counterfeit businesses, the fakes markets and any kind of adulteration potentially causing a threat to customers. We fight this battle empowering both manufacturers and final customers with a full set of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools. Any kind of smartphone is the most powerful weapon to win this battle.
Along with anti-counterfeit features, Validactor offer a full set of services aimed at strengthen customer-manufacturer relations

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